Best Places to Go For Garba This Navratri- 2018

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October 12, 2018
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Best Places to Go For Garba This Navratri- 2018

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When it comes to Navratri, there is nothing better than getting a good place to garba. But finding a good one is a painstaking task. But now no need to worry as we have compiled the best spots to go for Garba. Check out our list of the most happening places to go for garba.

Varodara Navratri Celebrations:

Varodara is place where Garba and Dandiya are taken in high regards. Varodara holds numerous Garba every year.  Varodara is the cultural capital of Gujarat. They give the most prominent navratri celebrations ever witnessed. Pavagadh, is another location where such glittering navratri celebrations also takes place.


United Way of Baroda:

It is an organization which conducts Garba festival every year, They organize Garba which welcomes an audience of 30,000 every evening. People in colorful attire and dancing in the tunes of Garba is a must to watch out for.


University of Baroda: Faculty of Fine Arts:

It is one of those places where you can see both teens and other garba enthusiasts to take part in the garba celebrations.


Ahmedabad Navratri Celebrations:

In an urbane city like Ahmedabad, with the presence of many institutions the city is quite youthful can bring an electrifying event for the entire nine holy evenings.

Bhadra Fort

Bhadra fort gives the glimpse of funky dandiya celebrations in the entire town. They also host quite unique navratri celebrations. This old section of city hosts very jubilant celebrations.

GMDC Ground

This place holds a most breath –taking garba celebration during this time of the year.  This ground can accommodate almost 10-20000 visitors every year. The garba done here is quite an eyeful.


Gandhinagar Navratri Celebrations:

As Gandhinagar is gujarat’s capital, it take pride in hosting garba celebrations with bated breath. They also hold garba classes. The reason of having classes here, it is the mecca of navratri celebrations.

Lions Club

Lions club is a reputable in Naroda, organizing best garba events during this time of the year. A trip to this venue is a must. They organize very unique garba and people from all corners join to celebrate.


Gandhinagar Cultural Forum Ground

This ground is specifically decorated to celebrate navratri event. This place can accommodate 10000-15000 visitors during a single day. They host the best garba you can watch out.  They form circles and conduct the routine in an orderly fashion.


Arriving to these places is quite a hassle, so try to arrive early to avoid the rush. You can Book A Taxi to arrive there. As this is the best place to go for Dandiya.

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