Must Follow Tips for Travelers Arriving in Udaipur

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June 2, 2018
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October 13, 2018

Must Follow Tips for Travelers Arriving in Udaipur

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Udaipur is a multicultural and diversified region of Rajasthan. This city combines a variety of culture, art and cuisines which dates back from early era, speaks for the royal and regal culture of the city.

As a visitor to Udaipur from far- flung areas, these tips will help you to travel smoother and better when arriving to the City of Lakes.

Local Customs:

While visiting Udaipur, make sure that following the local etiquette is highly advised. Avoid wearing flashy clothes, minimal dressing is not seen very adequate with the locals. As the city is majorly Hindu dominated, visitors should restrain themselves from making public shows of affection. It is advisable to wear subdued and subtle clothing, try to wear light clothes, as this region remains quite hot all the summer and moderate in winter.

While conversing, try to hire a local translator for effective communications. While greeting with people, make sure to follow the customs, as the region is pre-dominated with Rajput community.


The default currency while travelling around India is, INR or Indian Rupees. Here, in Udaipur one can exchange their currency into INR from various exchange centers. It is also advisable that, to keep money in small quantities while travelling. They can also carry exchange card with themselves.



As Rajasthan is an arid state, the weather her remains dry and hot for most of the year. During summers, the temperature can reach up to more than 45 degree Celsius. Travellers traveling during May- August must carry light cotton clothes, sunscreen and other paraphernalia.



The best way to explore the city is by taking a local taxi, rickshaw and etc. Make sure that, decide the fare upfront because drivers may charge an exorbitant amount for any distance. Keeping a map handy is also good.  If you’re looking for tour deals to get you around Udaipur and show the exclusive sights of Udaipur, then Book a Taxi and experience the spectacular beauty of this city.

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