One Side Taxi is now providing Airport Transfer Service: Travel like a Hero from the airport and to the airport!

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March 12, 2016
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August 21, 2017

One Side Taxi is now providing Airport Transfer Service: Travel like a Hero from the airport and to the airport!

“Our Customer base grows with the Happy Customer that go out of our doors.”

Customer Satisfaction is the most important part for

At, we always try to find the best solution for every travel problem faced by our customers. One such hassle is reaching the airport on time, safely, conveniently and that too on minimum cost. Since India is a growing and developing country leading to flourishing business in India. So, young India has to travel often very frequently all around the globe. Not always the flights are on time, creating a lot of difficulties for people to be on time.

To save our customers from the unknown problems on road, unwanted hassle and from missing your flight is presenting ” Airport Transfer Service “. Since we realize that reaching to the airport on time when you are in hurry and reaching the correct destination from the airport is no less than a battle. And if you are traveling with friends and family then the responsibility of their safety increases with charges. provides easy booking service. To solve this problem and provide you convenient, safe and cheaper travel our new Airport Transfer Service is ready for our customers.

                                                                     Board a taxi as soon as you depart from Airport terminal.

Some of the benefits you can enjoy by using’s  “Airport Transfer Service”

1) Reaching Airport on Time – Since “time is money”. is always on time at your pickup point. Along with providing easy booking facility by app. After coming out from the airport it’s very difficult to get a cab at an affordable price that too on the time you want. Now, you don’t have to worry about the cab. Just use the app and book the cab whenever you want to and dictate your own time. You can even see which is the nearest’s cab around your location.

2) Safety and Convenience –  Your safety is our highest priority. Whether it’s day or night, we will always provide you the safe and convenient travel. You can track your route and keep an eye on whether you are on correct route or not.’s each cab is GPS enabled so that you can track each and every cab’s exact location which is probably the best service for ladies out there. Now, there is no need to plan your travel according to the sun, just plan it according to your own conditions. You can even choose the type of vehicle you want from various choices provides.

3) Save your money with cab also saves your money by preventing you from missing your flight. If you are traveling in a group then cabs at the airport are ready to empty your wallet. provides you the safe and convenient travel at the most affordable price. provides easy payment options with Online as well as offline payment also, provides an easy booking option through online cab portal as well as 24* 7 customer service number: 09029626262 and a very user friendly web app- ONESIDETAXI

4) Choose the cab according to your convenience – Since we care for our every customer. So we provide different vehicles at different prices. You can choose the cab which matches your comfort level and budget. There is no need to pay extra for the vehicle which is not needed and out of the budget. provides the cabs which are well maintained.

5) Easy to book the cab along with exciting offers – By using the app and website you can easily book the cab without any hassle. We provide the safe payment method along with many exciting offers, stay tuned to know the details.

So, get ready to enjoy the Airport Transfer Service by and have an affordable and safe travel.

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