Our co-founder Mohit Mehta discusses his experience of working at Onesidetaxi.com while still being in Law school. Here we have us interviewing him about life, law school and about his experience from Drafts to Drives

Onesidetaxi.com was founded with a mission of making inter-city travel affordable for families and individual travelers. As had been observed by our founder Mr. Dinesh Mehta, there was a prevailing practice in the taxi industry to charge the return fare for a trip from City A to City B. Having been a regular traveler on the Udaipur Ahmedabad route he realized that there was enough traffic on these routes to aggregate the demand from both ends and provide customers taxis on one way fares. We started with this objective in 2013 on the Udaipur-Ahmedabad route, and have now expanded to 30+ cities. The motto for the business being #BusSeSastiTaxi.

1.How useful was your law school experience in the running of a business/start-up and in what way?

I have been working on the management and expansion of operations and digital reach of my website, onesidetaxi.com for the past couple of months. It has been a challenging experience to be detached and distant from the legal world, more so because of the swift transition between the two (from law school to working on the website 16 hours a day). Law school has introduced me to a vide range of challenges which have deeply contributed to my efficiency in running the business. I think what comes on top of this list is management of deadlines.
One thing that possibly has helped me is the development of negotiation skills. Handling the backend operations requires the ability to convince operators to ditch their original model of functioning and to adopt our model. Basic things like giving a clear picture, highlighting their benefits, also informing them of the risks involved, etc. are some things that I feel better equipped to handle than my colleagues at work.

2. In what way does law school leave you unprepared for engaging in this type of activity? 

I think there isn’t really too much of a link between what I learn in law school and the kind of skills that are needed in running a startup like ours. It obviously would have been a lot more beneficial if I was into website designing or developing apps, since in that case, we wouldn’t have to outsource these tasks.

3.Has your experience in running a start up given you a new perspective on potentially practicing the law in the future? (eg: nature of the profession, certain transferable skills etc.)

I think working on a startup definitely prepares one to forget the concept of a work life balance. When you’re working on your startup, it becomes a lifestyle. Everything you do really revolves around that startup, and it isn’t that tiring or frustrating because you’re just so invested in that idea. The idea is something that appeals to you and working 16 hours a day, skipping meals, avoiding parties with friends, isn’t that much of an effort.
Compare this to a law firm where you’re having to work for a minimum of 12 hours a day (even more from what I’ve heard from some seniors) for approximately Rs. 3000/day, which boils down to Rs. 250/hour, and it doesn’t really seem all that attractive anymore if you’re doing it only for the money. It all boils down to adding value to yourself and what you do.

So I think what I’ve drawn from my experience of working at Onesidetaxi.com is that as a lifestyle I would like to work in a way where I am my own boss. If I was to potentially practice law, I would be looking to get into litigation. It gives you a sense of motivation to be working for yourself and there is a lot more drive when you derive the direct benefits of your efforts.

March 12, 2016

From Drafts to Drives – This law student speaks about founding one of the most successful travel startups in India

Our co-founder Mohit Mehta discusses his experience of working at Onesidetaxi.com while still being in Law school. Here we have us interviewing him about life, law […]